Indoor Air Quality

R.C.S. Residential & Commercial Services has been a leading heating and cooling specialist for more than 40 years. We have the experience and industry knowledge to assist anyone looking to professionally install ventilation and improve air quality through the use of air cleaners, filters and humidifier/dehumidifier systems.

Risks of Poor Air Quality

The environmental protection agency recently performed a survey that shows us that Americans spend around 86% of their lives indoors, and that indoor air is up to 100 times more polluted than the air outside. Another survey by the American College of Allergists suggests that 50% of illnesses are either caused or exacerbated by polluted indoor air. When you think about all the microbes, chemical vapors, mold particles, dust (which could even contain harmful particles like lead and asbestos), viruses, bacterial, dirt and pollen (and more) that’s contained in the air, it’s easy to understand the significance of indoor air quality.

How Can R.C.S. Help?

With the above information in mind, we are able to advise our customers on what heating and cooling systems best suit their needs, and install them with quality ventilation, air cleaners and air filters in place to ensure that the air they breathe isn’t harmful. We can also assist with the installation of whole house humidifiers/dehumidifiers so that the humidity level in a home can be properly managed and kept at a safe and comfortable level. We can also visit and test your property’s air quality level, and rigorously clean your ventilation systems if you already have one.

Maintenance & Servicing

For those who already have heating and cooling systems, we can assist with regular maintenance to ensure your system operates as it should and doesn’t emit any harmful gasses. For instance, with oil and gas furnaces, there is a significant risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if the unit is faulty. If you notice any of the following warning signs call immediately to have your system inspected. We offer around the clock service 24 hours a day for your safety and convenience.

1. If your pilot light shows a yellow or flickering flame
2. Look for streaks of soot around the furnace
3. Condensation on cold surfaces such as windows or walls

Time for a Replacement?

If you have an older system that is more than 15 years old or has needed numerous repairs within 2 years it may be time to consider shopping for a replacement. Older systems are not as capable of keeping the air adequately moisturized and clean. They can also wind up costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars over time in expensive repairs and component replacements – not to mention the cost of operating inefficiently compared to new systems.

If you are concerned with your indoor air quality, please give us a call today on (540) 665-2722 or email us at We also have a free estimate form which can be filled out here.