Furnace Repair & Installation

If you’re unlucky enough to need your furnace repaired, take comfort in the fact that we are very knowledgeable about the different types and makes of furnaces and can find out what the problem is quickly, and get it running again in no time. In the event your furnace requires new parts, we can source them quickly. Our furnace repair service is also available on a 24/7 basis as we know that being stuck without heating during colder winter months is not fun and can even be life threatening. If in the unlikely even your furnace needs to be replaced, we also offer affordable installation.

Signs your Furnace May Need to be Serviced or Repaired:

Strange Noises – if your furnace is making all sorts of strange noises (such as moaning, pinging, knocking or whining), it needs to be looked at immediately. This could just be something as simple as a loosely adjusted belt or an ignition problem, or be a sign that a component needs to be replaced.

Yellow Pilot Light – It’s important to regularly check your pilot light. If it’s burning yellow, this could be a sign of improper gas balance or even indicate that carbon monoxide is present.

Furnace won’t start or stay on – this could indicate a number of problems and require a thermostat replacement, indicate faulty wiring, a faulty fan motor or more.

Gas or electric bills sky rocketing – One tell-tale sign that your furnace needs to be looked at is if you notice that your gas or electricity bill unusually high. A properly functioning system is always going to run at its most efficient and using more fuel or electricity is usually one of the first signs that something isn’t right.

Air quality – if you notice that you and your family haven’t been feeling well, are out of breath more often or are developing respiratory problems, it’s important to call a professional immediately. Cracks in the heat exchanger can lead to the presence of carbon monoxide which is highly toxic.

Furnace Installation

The cost of installing a new furnace will depend on factors such as the size of the property that needs to be heated, the brand of furnace being installed and whether it is a natural gas or oil furnace that is being quoted for. Property owners who are having a furnace installed that is powered by natural gas can expect to pay anywhere from $2,500 to as much as $15,000 for the installation. Oil-powered furnaces are the substantially cheaper option in that they range from $2,000 to around the $8,000 mark. This often does not include labor or installation costs, which can range between $75 and $100 an hour.

What is Included in the Cost of Furnace Installation?

Upon receiving a quotation for installation, property owners should inspect it carefully to find out whether the price includes the following items:

  1. All related plumbing parts and supplied needed to complete the job
  2. Electrical breakers
  3. Sheet metal used for fitting the furnace into an existing ducting system
  4. Replacement thermostat (if needed)
  5. All labor required to install the furnace according to current safety regulations
  6. Ventilation and ducting pipes as needed
  7. Permits and inspections to confirm that the installation has been performed correctly
  8. The furnace unit itself

Once we have installed a new furnace, we are more than happy to provide our customers with the option of signing up for a regular maintenance plan. This will help save a lot of money on costly repairs in the long term.

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